The CT Captive Advantage

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association (CTCIA) was founded in 2011 to provide a forum focused on captive insurance programs and facilities in the State of Connecticut. Its members include:

  • Captive insurance industry leaders

  • Professional service providers

  • Captive insurance owners

  • Academia

  • Other interested professionals

Captive insurance provides alternative approaches to the traditional insurance markets addressing cost, coverage, capacity and control for commercial organizations and, at the same time, facilitates the practices and processes of operational and enterprise risk management.

The CTCIA is an organization committed to:

  • promoting the interests of the captive industry in the State of Connecticut
  • understanding the current and emerging commercial risk and insurance needs
  • facilitating the differentiation and growth of captive insurance programs in Connecticut
  • communicating to its members and others regarding current and emerging trends in captive insurance
  • establishing policy positions on major issues that affect the captive insurance industry and CTCIA members
  • advocating for the interests of the captive insurance industry before federal, state and local government bodies

To be recognized as a top 3 domicile in shaping the captive marketplace evolution with product innovation, and in embracing the InsurTech age.

  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Active Participation
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Relevancy
  • Sustainability

We are committed to collaboration, education, innovation, outreach and advocacy for this expanding and evolving industry.

Why join?

When you become a member, you’ll gain access to Connecticut’s strong and influential captive domicile.

Discounted tickets to CTCIA conferences, webinars and events

Stay up-to-date on captive industry legislative efforts in CT

Inclusion in CTCIA’s exclusive member directory of captive professionals

Support from an active and growing professional network of industry leaders

Exclusive access to captive insurance industry service providers

Over 3,000 newsletter subscribers and 2,000 social media followers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Captive Insurance?2022-03-17T15:18:56+00:00
  • Essentially, formalized self-insurance.
  • A captive is an insurance company wholly owned and controlled by its parent company, association or group, and organized to insure the risks of its parent company, association or group members.
  • Captives represent an alternative to the traditional market with the benefits of true insurance.
Which companies are good candidates for a captive program?2022-03-17T15:29:20+00:00

Companies with:

  • Financial stability
  • Good spread of risk with predictable losses
  • Good loss history
  • Good risk management practices
  • The ability to finance its own exposure
  • Long-term commitment from senior management
  • Unusual or hard-to-place risks
  • Strong business partners
  • Primary purpose of captive is other than the tax benefits
What are the different types of captives?2022-03-17T15:29:12+00:00
  • Pure/Single Parent Captive
  • Association/Group/Industrial Insured Captive
  • Sponsored (cell) Captive
  • Special Purpose Financial Captive
  • Branch Captive
  • Risk Retention Group
What is the first step to launching a captive program?2022-03-17T15:30:52+00:00

The first step to launching a captive program is to conduct a Feasibility Study, which should include:

  • Cost/benefit analysis;
  • Actuarial analysis;
  • Financial projections;
  • Tax analysis;
  • Formulation of a preliminary business plan, including:
    • Business case for a captive;
    • Coverage lines, limits, rules, rates and policy types; and
    • An analysis of the proposed legal structure for the captive.
  • Review of current insurance program;
  • Analysis of reinsurance program; and
  • Review of historical loss data.
What makes a good captive domicile?2022-03-17T15:31:40+00:00
  • Strong state commitment to captive market.
  • Knowledgeable service sector
  • Convenient location.
  • State-of-the-art captive law.
  • Strong industry trade group.
What is the Owner’s, CEO’s, or Board of Director’s rationale for a captive program?2022-03-17T15:32:40+00:00
  • A desire to retain control over company assets.
  • To formalize risk retention financing.
  • To improve coverage of risks.
  • To reduce the costs of financing loss.
  • To create a new profit center.

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When you become a member, you’ll gain access to Connecticut’s strong and influential captive domicile.

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