Hartford, CT
December 18, 2012

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association (“CCIA”), the state’s captive insurance trade organization, announced a new annual membership
program for companies and individuals.

In an effort to build on the success the CCIA has enjoyed in 2012 with a key group of Founding Members, this new membership category is intended to broaden the association’s base and get more companies and individuals involved in Connecticut’s fast-growing captive initiative.

The hallmarks of a successful captive domicile include a strong trade association working in concert with the state to provide a stable, knowledgeable and innovative environment for the development of the captive market. In addition to supporting the work of the CCIA to foster the captive market, benefits of membership include legislative and administrative advocacy, access to key education and networking events, and promotion of members through the CCIA’s website and other marketing materials.

The cost of the new annual membership is $950 per corporation or individual. For corporate members, this allows two employees/representatives full access to participate in the CCIA. Additional representatives can be added each for $250. “This single-level membership approach is different than most other captive associations and it is designed both for attracting new members to the CCIA and easing administration of the association,” said Tom Hodson, President of the CCIA. “Furthermore, I am pleased to welcome our first two annual members,” Hodson continued. “They are Sinclair Risk and Financial Services, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Connecticut, and Johnson Lambert, the national CPA and consulting firm.”

The CCIA also announced that it was closing its Founding Membership category at 20 members. The association currently has 14 Founding Members. “Our Founding Members have stepped up to form the foundation of the CCIA, having subscribed to our Gold, Silver and Bronze membership levels to provide critical support for the association in its early days,” said Hodson. He continued: “In turn, they are prominently promoted for their dedication to Connecticut’s captive initiative at CCIA events and in our industry outreach.”

About the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association is a nonprofit trade association formed to support the growth of the captive insurance market in Connecticut.

The mission of the CCIA is:

  • To promote the interests of the captive insurance industry;
  • To provide a communication interface for members and other groups;
  • To establish policy positions on major issues that affect its members;
  • To represent the interests of the captive insurance industry before federal, state and local government bodies;
  • To provide its members with opportunities for education.

As with most associations, CCIA’s efforts are on behalf of the industry and focused on improving and enhancing the captive market as a whole, and do not expressly reflect the views of any specific member.