Elizabeth Foughty

Elizabeth Foughty, Strategy Consultant & Fractional CSO, reThought Flood Insurance

Elizabeth is a strategy consultant and fractional Chief Strategy Officer for reThought Flood. Her consultative work centers around helping technology startups and insurtechs develop their overall go to market strategy. She has always worked at the forefront of technology innovation, with a career that has spanned space (NASA, Planet), insurance/insurtech (RMS, CAPE Analytics, reThought Flood), and numerous technology startups. Her roles have included technical project management, product marketing, sales engineering, and implementation giving her a broad perspective on the design, delivery, and selling of technical products.  Elizabeth holds an MBA in sustainable management and is particularly interested in how advanced technology can solve real world problems, specifically around climate change.  Insurance, therefore, has a special place in her heart as an underappreciated sector at the intersection of climate, data, analytics, and science, and she is excited to be a part of bringing new technologies to this space.

When she’s not helping startups and insurtechs develop successful market strategies, Elizabeth volunteers as the publicity manager for a local parents group, bakes with her kids, and watches all the latest streaming scifi shows with her husband.