Hartford, CT
December 19, 2012

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association (“CCIA”), the state’s captive insurance trade organization, announced that its website was officially launched this morning.

The new website provides comprehensive information regarding Connecticut’s captive insurance initiative, including a tutorial on captive insurance, why Connecticut should be a domicile of choice, the latest industry news, links to state and industry resources, and information about the CCIA and its membership.

“Our new website is a critical tool for the development of captive insurance programs,” said Tom Hodson, President of the CCIA. “Not only does it provide valuable information to those companies new to captives, but it also provides leading resources for experienced industry veterans. Furthermore, one key goal in the creation of the website was to provide a resource for business development, effectively connecting companies looking to form or expand their captive programs with the experts who can help get it done.”

About the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association is a nonprofit trade association formed to support the growth of the captive insurance market in Connecticut.

The mission of the CCIA is:

  • To promote the interests of the captive insurance industry;
  • To provide a communication interface for members and other groups;
  • To establish policy positions on major issues that affect its members;
  • To represent the interests of the captive insurance industry before federal, state and local government bodies;
  • To provide its members with opportunities for education.

As with most associations, CCIA’s efforts are on behalf of the industry and focused on improving and enhancing the captive market as a whole, and do not expressly reflect the views of any specific member.